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Wireless 2GIG Smoke, Heat, & Freeze Detector
The 2GIG SMKT8-345 is a wireless smoke, heat and freeze detector. There is a built-in 345MHz RF transmitter designed to send wireless signals to a 2GIG Go!Control alarm system. The device is battery powered with 3 AAA Energizer E92 alkaline batteries or equivalent. The SMKT3 is an extremely versatile unit that will detect smoke, heat and freeze conditions within a 35 foot radius. The 2GIG smoke detector uses photoelectric technology to intelligently sense a fire before its too late. The heat detector uses both fixed temperature and rate-of-rise technologies. The rate of rise specifications require a 10 degree increase within 1 minute. The fixed temperature must reach 125F degrees and stay there for at least 3 minutes. This has to occur 3 times before the fixed temp trips the heat detector. Lastly, the freeze detection technology uses a fixed temp of 40F degrees and follows the same protocol as the fixed high temp. It must detect low temperature for 3 minutes and repeat itself 3 times. In other words, fixed temperature detection requires at least 9 minutes of detection.

When programming the sensor on the 2GIG Go!Control alarm panel, the equipment code should be set to 1058. First, you will need choose a sensor type. We recommend choosing "09 - 24 hour Fire without verification" for the smoke and heat zones. If you are setting up a freeze detection zone, we recommend "08 - 24 Aux." You can setup a phone call or text/email alerts for when the freeze detection zone trips. Then enter the 7 digit serial number for the specific sensor you are working with. You can auto-enroll the serial by pressing 'shift' then 'learn.' Then pop the tamper cover on the unit to transmit the serial to the panel.

Lastly, you will need to set the proper loop number based on the type of detection you would like to setup. Loop 1 is smoke, loop 2 is heat and loop 3 is freeze. You can configure up to 3 discrete zones with this single smoke detector by setting each loop number to each zone.

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